On May 5th 2013, during a Toronto Blue Jays vs. Seattle Mariners baseball game at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, I did something that surprised both friends and family alike.  I  ran across the field during a live MLB game, only to get tackled and arrested.

My act landed me in jail for a couple of hours,  providing me with a glimpse into what it feels like to be criminally charged.

To my astonishment, the Toronto Police Service did me a great service by composing an incredibly lighthearted, honest and hilarious arrest report.  My criminal defense attorney described it as “… far and away the best police synopsis I have read.”

Now that my charges have been dropped, I am able to share with you my experiences before, during, and after I broke the law. Significantly, I can provide a personal account of what it feels like to run across the field of play during a major league sports game, and the events that transpired as a consequence of my actions.

Before continuing, I must offer caution to anyone who might consider running the field: DO NOT DO IT.

Instead, live vicariously through me.  I have put together the complete story from start to finish.

You will learn

  • What went through my head right beforehand
  • The feeling of running on the field
  • Being tackled (and living to tell about it)
  • Dealing with Rogers Centre security personnel and Toronto police
  • The transportation from the Rogers Centre to 52 Division
  • The “strip search” and holding cell experience
  • Being released on a promise to appear
  • Attending court
  • Dealing with a criminal defense attorney
  • The relief of having the criminal charge dropped


Before you read my story, I must include the disclaimer below.

Due to the fact that a criminal charge is levied against you, I once again must repeat, DO NOT RUN THE FIELD.  IT IS NOT WORTH IT.
If you are convicted of a criminal offense, you may not be able to find a job (criminal background checks are a reality these days).

Your ability to travel may be restricted.

You will have to spend serious coin ($$$) getting yourself properly represented while your case winds through the justice system.   I plead with you, do not run the field.  Although it is a victimless crime, it simply isn’t worth the risk you face.

In case you ignore my advice above, and decide to run the field anyway, PLEASE DO NOT STREAK.  DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF.  They will add on additional charges, and from what I’ve heard they are not one bit pretty.

Now that all my pleading is out of the way, feel free to digest all material on my website, so that you can experience the thrill of running the field without actually physically doing it.

"Luckily, the accused ran on to the field from level 100 and wasn't forced to jump from the 500 level out of sheer frustration."
-Official Toronto Police arrest report

"Like all of us, Joe has suffered enough. The difference is, he tried to do something about it."
Defense Attorney's
Letter to Crown

"The image of Joe as a tragic figure - the baseball fan fighting against the unrelenting losses of a cringe-worthy baseball club - reminds me of one of the central themes in Hamlet.."
-Crown Prosecutor,
City of Toronto